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Kérastase is the #1 professional hair care brand worldwide, bringing together luxury products with a diagnostic approach to treat each person’s individual needs. As part of the L’Oréal Group, their products are sold in stores and salons across the globe.

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The Mandate

Kérastase wanted to launch a bilingual (English and French) seasonal activation contest to gain more insights into their customers’ hair care needs. The contestants would win a year’s worth of Kérastase hair care products.

The retailer wanted to create an engaging landing page experience that gave contestants the opportunity to reflect on their own hair care needs and get customized product recommendations they could feel confident about.

The Mission

Their goal was to gain insight into their clients’ hair type, style and care habits to improve the data around their customer base. Information collected was captured in their CRM for better direct marketing campaigns with personalized recommendations.

As a cross-promotion, Kérastase commissioned custom illustrations of fashion and beauty influencers from Toronto for this project.

Looking in the mirror

Each step of the quiz would phrase the sentence in the first person, which would allow contestants to fill in the blanks about themselves and feel more confident about their results. This style of self-reflective campaigning would lead to a higher conversion rate.

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Customizing the results

To provide personalized recommendations, the landing page included a matrix that processed contestants’ answers to query the Kérastase product catalogue, and display recommended hair products for their needs and where to buy them according to their postal code.

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Living in the details

  • Accelerating entries
    All quiz completions counted as an entry into the contest, and users could garner bonus entries when they referred others to complete the quiz through social shares.
  • Reporting back to Kérastase
    The bilingual, mobile-responsive landing page was developed to track activity based on language, location, demographics and more using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.
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The Results

The Kérastase #MyHolidayHair campaign and self-reflective style of quiz proved to be a success.
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Conversion rate

9 Cities

Across 2 Provinces


English & French Campaign