Biyiy Premium eBike Experiences

A Journey of Digital Transformation for an E-bike Startup


Biyiy is an eBike service based in Dubai, UAE, who’s main aim is to provide locals and tourists with an alternative and eco-friendly mode of transportation to create a sustainable and immersive way to experience the city. Their vision extends to counter the oversaturated car based culture the city has, by allowing people to book an experience on two wheels regardless of their fitness level.

The Challenge

Biyiy embarked on a design and brand refresh with a Dubai based design agency, that helped them elevate their look to connect with their luxury oriented audience. With their new branding and web design, Biyiy needed to build their website on a platform that can deliver their new experience focused service.

Architecting the Experience

Biyiy needed to transition from their old Shopify site, which centered the website around an eCommerce and purchasing focus, to a rental booking experience. To allow for customers to choose from 3 different main experiences, with variations between City, Beach and Desert options, we had to find a platform that can handle that. Alongside the experiences, Biyiy also sells one of their eBike models in Dubai only.

We settled on WordPress and WooCommerce as the platform for selling both the physical bikes, and booking experiences.

Connecting the Dots

A luxury experience needs strong communication. Biyiy’s higher tier experiences offer extra luxury services which include on-site pickup, drop-off and more. To make sure that customers are communicated to, and reminded of the details of their booking, a strong marketing and support platform was needed.

Biyiy - woman on a beach
Biyiy - a couple riding a bike in a Dubai desert

A holistic view on sales, marketing & support

We chose HubSpot to deliver a full 360 view to customer service. From customer relationship management, support and ticket resolution, to email reminders and customer focused communication; we wanted to keep track of every interaction and deliver the highest possible level of customer service at every touch point.

Putting them on the map

As a recent startup and a young business, Biyiy needed to be found on Google search and Google Maps. We developed a comprehensive SEO keyword research exercise to make sure they would be ranking for searches for alternative experiences in Dubai, to attract tourists who want a new way to explore Dubai. And to be found on the Map, we connected and optimized their presence on Google Maps to make it easy for customers to find their main eBike pick-up point, and to leave their generously positive reviews.

  • We are absolutely delighted with the website designed by the Third Wunder agency team. We knew the project would pose some challenges, but the team skillfully overcame them with expertise and dedication. We are pleased with the final result, which meets our expectations perfectly.

    Fatima Hamidi

The Result

With a tight deadline of 2 months to deliver an end-to-end solution, we collaborated closely with the Biyiy team and their design and branding agency to deliver, a fast, mobile friendly, experience based eCommerce platform, with a customer focused marketing and support platform, that serves as the foundation of their business.


WordPress & WooCommerce with Bookings system.


Leveraging Sales, Marketing & Service Support

SEO Optimized

Dynamic and Visual

Flexible & Scalable