About Third Wunder

Photo Credit: Andrea Hausmann
Third Wunder is a digital agency specializing in marketing for brands looking to change or disrupt how we do business around the world.

Our Mission

We share the core values of sustainable brands who believe making a difference is an integral part of how we make profit. We are committed to creating a sustainable social enterprise that incorporates giving back to the arts and non-profit sectors into our core business model. We believe technology is our greatest asset for environmental and social progress across the globe.

Marketing what matters is what we do best, and we want to work with brands who share our vision for preserving cultural and ecological diversity while taking care of business, and implementing innovative solutions to solve our greatest challenges.

What’s in a Name?

Third Wunder comes from our third culture experience living all over the world and the wonderment of growing up as digital natives. We bring these unique and multi-dimensional perspectives to everything we do. We were raised in awe of the triple www of the internet and spend every day finding new and exciting ways to make it work for us and our clients.

Our Team

Liesl Barrell

Co-Founder & CEO
Mohamed Hamad

Co-Founder & COO

Our Partnerships

In addition to our end-to-end offerings, we have developed a strong partner network providing additional services to benefit our clients and complement our own.

CT Moore

SEO & Social Specialist
Cait Vachon

Branding & Design Specialist
Sanjay Mayar

Paid Media & Marketing Specialist
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