Marketing What Matters

Third Wunder is a digital agency specializing in marketing for brands looking to change or disrupt how we do business around the world.

Digital Marketing Strategy

At Third Wunder, we specialize in analyzing your current situation and developing a measurable strategy to address your online marketing challenges and deliver on your goals.

User Experience & Development

Third Wunder delivers powerful responsive and interactive user experiences to bring customers closer to you across all devices, and increase opportunities for lead generation and repeat business.

The Wunders

Co-Founder & CEO

Liesl Barrell is an agency veteran with over 8 years of digital marketing experience and award-winning projects under her belt. Originally South African, she has worked with brands like Bombardier, Birks, Lise Watier, Mary Kay, Just For Laughs, Pfizer, Van Houtte, and The Montreal Gazette.

Co-Founder & COO

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, and now living in Montreal, Canada, Mo is a web marketing and development professional with 9 years experience in web development, UX and design and 5 years experience in web marketing and SEO.

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