Branding Web Sites

Kirk Group

Breathing new life into an innovative brand

​Kirk was looking to revamp the UX and design of their website to better position themselves as a key market player in their space.  

The client mandated us, under the guidance of brand lead Cait Vachon, to develop an updated website, logo and overall visual brand identity that would express the company’s new story, values and service offering. In doing so, they hoped to better connect with their clients and increase traffic to their new line of products.

Two heads are better than one

Kirk was launching three new products as part of their pivot—all of which are heavily focused on machine learning and AI. While their game-changing products reflected their innovative mindset, they quickly realized their current website didn’t align with their vision.

Kirk already had Vachon’s brand savviness to help them bring their outdated website into the 21st century. But sometimes even the most experienced designers need help. Having worked with us on previous mandates, Vachon reached out to our team to help her carry the brand forward with extra design and UX support.

Setting down the foundation

With clear objectives and an always up-to-date project management plan, we collaborated with Vachon to rebuild Kirk’s website from the ground up using our very own custom-designed theme. Doing so opened the door to:

  • Creating a highly dynamic and fast platform
  • Facilitating the implementation of SEO, design and development best practices
  • Enhancing the overall user experience through seamless navigation

Animations for a next-level design

Instead of using too many images, we chose to create a few background animations to give the copy a visual interpretation that would help better explain Kirk’s complex product offering.

This simple decision is what took their user experience to new heights. Not only did the animations help simplify how each product works—making it easier for potential clients to understand what they do—the illustrations also made the website more modern, engaging and dynamic.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the work Third Wunder and Cait did to totally refresh our brand--it now represents the significant organisational, cultural and technological transformation of Kirk Group.

Our website is now faster than ever, and Third Wunder was extremely attentive to our needs to deliver a solution that’s both representative of who we are, but also accessible for our team to continue to innovate.

The result

Kirk received a brand new SEO-optimized website that was delivered on time, on budget and exceeded their expectations.

Outdated branding and poor UX were now a thing of the past. After only 4 months, we were able to create a web presence that was modern, sleek and fast, with a visually strong brand identity that reflected their forward-thinking and new product development trajectory.

As a result, Kirk saw its website traffic increase two-fold in July 2021 over the previous year.

1x fully rebranded website

15+ optimized web pages

30+ custom illustrations

15+ custom video animations

2x the site traffic after 1 year