Unleashing the Power of Automation

Wrk is a company that aims to simplify work through their Hybrid Automation platform. Their mission is to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly automation solution that eliminates complexities and challenges for businesses. With an emphasis on innovation and customer satisfaction, Wrk is leading the way towards a more efficient future of work.

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Simple Ideas Make the Biggest Impact

Founded by Mohannad El-Barachi and David Li, Wrk​ is an Integration and Delivery Platform that helps medium to large companies delegate the delivery of their business processes with automated digital workflows.

By harnessing the power of automation, advanced machine learning, and Wrk’s 24/7 remote workforce, businesses are able to deliver their work efficiently and at scale.


Building Foundations for Scalable Potential

Wrk began with a strong vision, a product in development and a growing team ready to take action. However, they lacked one crucial element: the ability to effectively promote their product and connect with their target audience.

As an agency-partner, Third Wunder prioritized their marketing efforts, allowing them to focus on product development. We provided essential support and guidance to Wrk, serving as a vital resource during their initial stages of their digital marketing. This included the web development expertise, marketing tools, training and strategies to complement their in-house marketing team, enhance their internal marketing efforts, and establish a strong and scalable foundation to manage and grow their digital presence.


Paving the Way Towards a Unique Digital Presence

We collaborated with them to develop an early digital marketing strategy that would enable them to reach their audience through SEO, social media, and paid advertising.

Wrk needed a scalable website that could showcase their product and enable them to achieve their ambitious content strategy goals, while turning prospects into leads.

Throughout the whole process, we worked closely with our contacts at Wrk, ensuring that everyone was always on the same page, and that everything we did was in line with their vision.

  • Laying the groundwork
    Our team worked closely with Wrk’s Marketing Director to establish Wrk’s digital presence, define their content strategy, create a style guide, and develop their brand identity. Together, a plan for lead generation through landing pages and website user journeys was mapped out. In addition, we evaluated various channels to reach their target audience and increase brand awareness through social media and blog content.
  • Setting up the tools
    Integrating the website with their marketing and tracking tools was key to measuring KPI’s and the success of their efforts.
  • Establishing key social platforms
    Wrk prioritized brand consistency across all their targeted channels, including their website. To assist in the development of their social platform, we provided support in the form of branded content.
  • Creating layouts for conversion
    To ensure the success of the product launch, user experience and conversion optimization were essential considerations. To that end, we developed flexible templated layouts that enabled Wrk to perform A/B testing for both content and messaging, and ultimately find the ideal formula for optimal conversions and success.
  • Launching the Wrk website
    The launch of the Wrk site marked the start of an ongoing journey of development, testing, and design updates necessary to keep up with the evolving product updates and business requirements.
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  •  wrk- Responsive Mockup v2 
  • Wrk Computer mockup 

Ongoing Guidance and Support

Third Wunder has continued to support Wrk, through their growth since their launch by developing new features, adapting to their needs, and providing their team with expertise.

We continuously develop new strategies, concepts, and models that represent Wrk’s brand story. Our ongoing support focuses on product/service emphasis, and ensures online sustainability in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Kelsea Gust 

Third Wunder has been an invaluable asset to Wrk’s initial growth. We were able to very quickly spin up a web presence that served all our needs as a brand new startup with a small team, and as our needs evolved, the Third Wunder team supported wherever needed. Highly recommend Third Wunder for the marketing leader who needs flexible, collaborative support across a range of disciplines!

Kelsea Gust
Director of Marketing Wrk

The Result

With the website and integrated platform we developed, Wrk can now provide their clients with an elevated user experience while delivering their mission and services in a meaningful way.

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