North Shore Community Association

Revitalizing a community for a brighter future

The North Shore Community Association (NSCA), established in 2000, is a non-profit regional organization dedicated to serving, representing, and instilling pride in the English-speaking community of Quebec’s North Shore.


About NSCA

The North Shore Community Association is a non-profit regional organization dedicated to serving, representing, and instilling pride in the English-speaking community of Quebec’s North Shore.

Their aim is to empower residents and to strengthen the community across the region by working to make information and resources available, by facilitating community initiatives, by encouraging and improving communication, by promoting access to services, by developing partnerships and by increasing the visibility of the English -speaking community. Together, we are building a vital, informed and strong community.

The Challenge

The North Shore Community Association (NSCA) was looking to refresh their brand, with a new look and feel to celebrate the community and the natural diversity of the northern Quebec region. The NSCA approached us to create a new logo and update their website with the objective of enhancing their user experience to better serve their community. They recognized that their existing website fell short in connecting with their audience, necessitating a comprehensive overhaul.

The Approach

Understanding the significance of a strong and cohesive brand identity, we collaborated closely with NSCA to develop a brand that expressed the values and identity of the community. To achieve this, we conducted an in-depth analysis of NSCA’s online presence and brand identity, examining their value proposition and target audience. This analysis established a solid foundation that ensured our efforts aligned with their objectives and vision, setting the stage for a successful brand transformation.

Understanding the Community

To understand the NSCA’s community, we adopted a collaborative approach to developing their brand development. Our objective was to create a comprehensive resource that captured the essence of NSCA’s vision, mission, and values. This brand not only had to be clear communicative, but also practical for their team with a wide range of applications.

nsca-lighthouse - Background
Design Workshops

A Human Centred Approach

We conducted a series of workshops to actively involve the NSCA’s board and community members in the process of creating a brand identity that truly reflected their aspirations. These collaborative sessions aimed to gather insights, foster open discussions and ensure that our work resonated with the community’s core values and beliefs.

Third Wunder Workshop Mockup
Logo Design

A Fresh & Modern Brand

Steering away from the generic fleur-de-lis emblem, we crafted a unifying design inspired by the region’s nature and wildlife. The new logo draws from nature elements of the ocean, sky and forests, inviting community members to connect with their roots, celebrate shared experiences, and take pride in the remarkable natural heritage of the North Shore.

Brand Toolkit Development

Extending the Brand

Our collaboration extended beyond the logo, creating a versatile brand system that reflects the community’s growth. We developed graphics and visual elements for cohesive brand implementation both online and offline. This comprehensive approach ensures a strong and consistent brand identity, fostering unity and pride among community members across various channels.

NSCA Book Mockup
In addition to digital elements, we extended the brand identity to various tangible materials, including custom-designed assets such as t-shirts, tote bags, branded folders, and business cards. These materials allowed NSCA to further promote their brand and create a consistent visual presence in physical settings.

A Digital Hub for a Connected Community

A Seamless User Experience

We conducted a thorough analysis of the existing platform’s UX, identifying pain points and areas for improvement. With this insight, we crafted a new UX design prioritizing intuitive navigation and streamlined content presentation. Our aim was to ensure visitors could effortlessly find desired information, resulting in a seamless user experience.

Optimizing Performance and Reach

Implementing strategic content planning, migration, and comprehensive keyword research, we enhanced the platform’s performance and reach. By streamlining content presentation and optimizing meta tags, we attracted a broader audience and improved search engine ranking. Our targeted strategies maximized visibility and captivated users, optimizing the platform’s exposure.

Strengthening Brand Presence

In addition to revamping the platform’s UX, we focused on strengthening NSCA’s brand presence. Aligning content with their messaging and goals, we fostered meaningful connections with the audience. Through a holistic online presence across various channels, we established NSCA as a distinctive and influential community organization, facilitating brand recognition and engagement.

Our experience with Third Wunder was very professional with staff that were knowledgeable both in technological and listening skills, while delivering a top-notch product and service.

Jody Lessard
Executive DirectorNSCA
A Contemporary Makeover

Paving the Way for a Bright Tomorrow

With a refreshed brand that expresses the communities values and draws from the regions beautiful landscapes and nature, the NSCA is empowered to deliver content that brings together the people to explore the richness of their heritage and stories of their history, and future.

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