Email Acquisition is like cutting hair: must happen regularly, can be done well, but one bad experience can scar forever.”

David Baker, COO Cordial
Great email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to nurture leads with great content and convert them into customers at the right points in their decision journey. With personalized messaging and compelling information, drip campaigns can help you stay top of mind.

We can help you create a full email marketing strategy and select or set up your email marketing system or customer relationship management solution. We work with you to ensure your process complies with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and can develop personas for behavioural segmenting and drip marketing to create email series that speak to different types of customers as they build their relationship with you. This pairs well with our content creation services if you also need email newsletters or related content developed.

Services Include:

  • Email marketing strategy
    We can help you identify goals for your email marketing program, define personas and key touchpoints and select the right tools to help execute your visions.
  • CASL compliance audit
    A thorough review of your sign-up processes, templates and systems to ensure you meet the identification, content and consent requirements for sending commercial emails to Canadian residents.
  • Email design layouts and HTML templates
    Creating newsletter and other email designs and developing the templates for use in popular email marketing systems (e.g. MailChimp)
  • Newsletter content
  • As part of our content creation services, we can develop copy and related content (e.g. blog posts) for your email marketing needs.
  • Drip marketing campaigns
    Planning the workflow for strategic touchpoints across various states to help you communicate with leads and customers based on actions taken throughout your ecosystem.


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