PWL Capital

Simplyfing Wealth for Canadians

PWL Capital is a privately owned wealth management firm that manages more than $10 billion in client assets. They have offices in Montreal and Toronto, with network offices Ottawa and Waterloo, serving clients all across Canada.

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The Mandate

Since PWL’s financial advisors create and share a wealth of diverse content, they needed a platform that was easy to navigate, inspires clients, increases visitors and generates leads.

Their goal was to simplify finance and showcase PWL’s thought leadership through the different content mediums their advisors create.

Planning for growth

The PWL team needed a site that best represented their expertise and service offerings. After conducting extensive market research on the investment industry and taking a content inventory of all of PWL’s assets, we created their new and improved sitemap.

To build an effective digital strategy, our team conducted a comprehensive SEO audit, competitive analysis and developed a content roadmap to guide the PWL team’s editorial process.

Maximizing UX & Elevating Design

We developed an information architecture and full UX to best represent their content, along with dynamic CTAs and landing pages for lead generation.

Working with designer Christine Texeira, we transformed the brand’s presence with a refreshed and contemporary look and feel that appeals to a high net-worth clientele.

PWL Sitemap and wireframe

Building the portal

To deliver an elegant lead capture solution that would integrate with their EMS of choice and be easy for the PWL team to use internally, we developed their website from the ground up on the WordPress CMS.

PWL’s advisors and marketing team needed detailed analytics on their content to measure their success. Using Google Analytics and custom Data Studio dashboards, we set up easy-to-digest visual reports they could action on.

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Making finance friendly

PWL’s research team also has a continuously updated resource library of data-rich market statistics, detailed portfolio analysis documents, and investment calculators.

To simplify their wealth of data, we developed custom solutions that allowed for the easy and interactive visualizations of charts and graphs.

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PWL Market Stats
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The Results

PWL’s new website increased engagement with potential customers and existing clients by showcasing their rich and diverse content in an easy-to-navigate platform, booting each team’s conversions and leads.

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