Liesl Barrell

Co-Founder & CEO

Liesl Barrell

The Merlion in Singapore, one of the places where Liesl grew up

Liesl is an agency veteran with 10 years of digital marketing experience and award-winning projects under her belt including the Canadian Marketing Award, Digital Marketing Award and Boomerang – all for the 2011 Just For Laughs Website redesign project when she produced the project at Twist Image (now Mirum). Originally South African, she has worked with brands like Bombardier, Birks, Lise Watier, Mary Kay, Just For Laughs, Pfizer, Van Houtte, and The Montreal Gazette.

In her spare time Liesl is a seasoned writer, public speaker and passionate community leader for women in technology. She’s executive director of Montreal Girl Geeks and is on the board of the YES Montreal STEM Mentorship program.


  • Social Media and Community Management
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Project Management
  • Business Development and Lead Generation


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