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The holiday season is one of the most important times of the year for agencies, large and small. Every year it’s an opportunity to launch an agency campaign that flexes a little muscle, tries new things, and maybe even saves a great idea a client never went for as they vie for our collective attention and prove their mettle. Here are our 10 favourites from across the years and around the world, join us as we tip our santa hats to them!

Smart, measurable marketing requires creativity and ingenuity (talents you already have, bae!) Stop neglecting your marketing efforts and missing out on potential growth, here’s how artists can tap into their inner marketers—no selling your soul required…

If you’re in sales and marketing, you’re all about the funnel. Funnels are a pervasive metaphor to describe the process of bringing prospects towards your business goal—usually a sale. And in a mass-produced era where one ad campaign sold everyone one car, the metaphor served us well. But now it must die.

Artists are great marketers when they infuse their strategy with drama, performance & passion. We’ve collected examples from musicians, comedians, thespians, and viral video stars who can teach us how to get back in touch with our inner Michelangelo (or inner D’Angelo?)