Web Development

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First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.”

John Johnson, Software Developer
Solving business and marketing problems is essential to develop properties that serve your needs and drive results. Successful web development is as much about understanding the purpose of the project as it is about coding an elegant product.

At Third Wunder, we believe in Development Marketing: all our builds focus on the function they need to serve to work for you day-to-day and acquire new leads and customers. We turn your site into your central digital marketing hub, giving you the ability to change the browsing experience based on information about your visitors, run effective campaigns, and oversee customer insights, all in one place. We build fast, responsive, standards compliant websites based on the latest technologies using popular open source content management systems (CMS) for you and your team to easily manage and deploy innovative marketing and communications initiatives.

Services Include:

  • UX design & prototyping
    Getting a handle on the user experience and functional requirements before a build sets us all up for a better product. Check out our UX services for additional details.
  • Website launches and revamps
    Whether you’re starting your presence from scratch or revamping an existing property, we develop responsive, CMS-integrated websites that are easy to use by your customers and simple for you and your team to manage.
  • Microsites
    Web development for campaign-specific experiences that may include interactive components, quizzes or other purpose-driven websites.
  • Landing pages
    Creating landing page templates to facilitate your marketing efforts, A/B testing and lead capturing. Consult our full landing pages offering for more information.
  • Quality assurance
    All our builds are subject to vigorous testing based on current platforms and graceful degradation. We define supported browsers at the outset of the project to ensure what we build performs optimally.
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