Good web design is about the character of the content, not the character of the designer.”

Jeffrey Zeldman, Author of Designing with Web Standards
Great design is effortless and seamless. It facilitates a joyful, tangible response and presents information in its best light. Web design is not static, elements move and respond to our touch or hover, so transitions and states need to reflect the entire experience, end-to-end.

Third Wunder can concept the look and feel for your website, microsite, landing page, or social properties and create original design layouts. Most importantly, we can also combine our UX design best practices and carry your design forward into the build with our web development services. Our design work always takes into account the full ranges of devices to make sure everything is responsive and easy to use.

Services Include:

  • Concepts
    Developing two or more look and feel options for your new property. Once we’ve selected the one that’s right for you, we refine it through our web design process.
  • UX Design
    We can create your information architecture, wireframes and more to guide the design process based on an amazing user experience. See our UX design services for more on those options.
  • Website design
    Creating layouts for key areas of your new website or revamp and a style guide to facilitate development.
  • Microsite design
    Designing smaller web projects and campaign microsites.
  • Landing page design
    We can help you develop a landing page strategy and multiple templates to help you orchestrate your marketing campaigns.


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