Social Media Strategy

I use social media as an idea generator, trend mapper and strategic compass for all of our online business ventures.”

Paul Barron, Author of The Chipotle Effect
A social media strategy is unique to your situation and takes into account where you and the market are now, and where you need to go, to establish and grow communities alongside your business.

We help you develop your social ID and voice, audit current channel performance, identify key channels for specific conversations, provide influencer mapping, editorial templates, tool selection and produce tactics for key promotions or initiatives. We bear in mind your specific goals and challenges as well as your internal and external resources to ensure your strategy scales with you.

Services Include:

  • Objectives, KPIs & goals
    Outlining a clear measurement plan for your social presence will make sure you track the right metrics for success.
  • Online competitor analysis
    We perform a deep-dive study of key competitors in your markets, as well as potentially comparable companies in other markets in order to develop an informed perspective of your social media landscape.
  • ​Case studies & benchmarks
    Researching campaigns that have achieved similar goals in order to put forward appropriate benchmarks.
  • Audits
    We review your current social media activities and identify high performing areas and opportunities to capitalize on.
  • Social voice & ID
    Together we define your social media tone and manner, as well as your core conversation topics.
  • Ecosystem mapping
    We outline how your channels need to work together moving forward and which conversations are best suited to each platform.
  • Governance
    By outlining how your properties will be maintained, which resources and roles will need to be involved or hired, as well as the tools and requirements for successful management, we help your organization prepare to take on new strategic goals.
  • Suggested Tactics
    We produce several options for tactical execution across social networks, ranked by priority according to your goals.
  • Roadmap
    Providing a high-level timeline, resourcing and budgeting to allocate appropriate spends for online media and other marketing activities.
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