Branding & Identity

A brand is a story that is always being told.”

Scott Bedbury, CEO Brandstream
Telling the right story is key to connecting with your audience. Honing in on your narrative and crafting an experience around it speaks volumes and creates the most memorable and engaging touchpoints with your brand.

At Third Wunder, we provide creative services to develop brands and business identities that communicate your value proposition and vision. Whether you’re launching a new company or product, or just looking for a refresh, our collaborative process will help you establish impactful messaging that resonates with your community.

Services include:

  • Brand name consulting
    We can work with you to identify and evaluate great names for your new company or product launch. We evaluate options based on search visibility, availability of domains and key social usernames, as well as brand narrative and storytelling opportunities.
  • Logo original design or refresh
    With work sessions, identity consultations, and market research we develop original or refreshed logo concepts. We select a direction together and refine the final identity to complete your new look and feel.
  • Brand guidelines
    Brand voice, tone and manner, typographic hierarchies for web and print, logo sizing and incorrect usage, colours and recipes, as well as any other brand-related requirements.
  • Digital asset and template creation
    Creating branded presentation and document templates, social media assets, email marketing layouts, and other digital pieces.
  • Print marketing collateral
    We specialize in digital marketing, so our approach to print collateral is to think “digital first” and create assets we want to work seamlessly from an online and mobile perspective. These may include business cards, direct mailers, packaging, flyers, posters, brochures, letterhead and other collateral.
  • Communication plan
    Crafting taglines, lines of communication and an action plan for rolling out your new identity will help ensure everything moves at the right pace. For more, check out our communications & social media services.
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