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L’Oréal is a world leader in the haircare & cosmetics industry. The group’s mission is to provide the best in beauty innovation to people around the world.

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The Mandate

L’Oréal Canada was launching new B2B loyalty programs in Canada, based on an existing framework in the US. Significant differences between the Canadian and US markets required a regionally specific approach.

Each of the retail giant’s sub-brand (L’Oréal Professional Paris, Redken and Matrix) program required its own specific user experience, branding and look and feel.

Their business goal was to create loyalty platforms for L’Oréal’s leading hair care sub-brands that provided great experiences for salon owners, while capitalizing on cost efficiencies by launching the three different programs based on the same core functionality.

Analyzing the requirements

To identify key data points, business logic and analyze the existing US systems to be integrated on the Canadian platforms, we collaborated with L’Oréal Canada and other third parties to draft the sitemap for one of the websites, to be adapted for the remaining 2 brands.

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Architecting the framework

We needed to define a master UX for the new sites using the existing US framework to maximize efficiency. Our team worked with brand managers and L’Oréal’s developer, OSF, to develop a flow that would accommodate the requirements for all 3 Canadian programs.

In total, we developed 300+ wireframes for web and email user flows to document the functionality and use cases.


Website & Email Wireframes


Website & Email Design Layouts



Styling the brands

Each brand had existing general guidelines, but required brand extensions for their loyalty programs. We worked with designer Christine Teixeira to produce working concepts and mood boards, from which each team chose one to develop and finalize as their program brand.

Upon approval of each program’s brand, we produced comprehensive brand guidelines and designed responsive web and email templates for each brand using our UX framework.

L'oreal email designs
Club 5
Club Matrix
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One deck to rule them all

While working on this project, we were mandated a second time to create English and French content for the website and emails of each brand, using the same efficiency strategy we used to create the sites.

Basing content on the US platform, we developed a master copy deck to be applied to each brand, with iterations that reflect each brand’s naming conventions and tone.

Copy decks
  • Christina-Sluyter - LOreal

    I doubted I’d be able to find an agency that could pull off such a big development project in only two weeks, but together YOU made it happen for us and we’re so appreciative.

    Christina-Sluyter - LOreal
    Christina Sluyter
    Interactive Marketing Specialist – L’Oréal Professionnel
  • Samantha Borosiewicz

    Third Wunder helped us with the branding, UX, design and copy creation for the launch of our 3 loyalty websites for L’Oréal. They have been a strong partner supporting us on this key project and they have always been able to respect our tight deadlines.

    Samantha Borosiewicz
    Samantha Borosiewicz
    Digital & Transformation Manager – L’Oréal Professionnel

The Result

In collaboration with various parties such as 500Friends, OSF, SAP and Salesforce, we achieved L’Oréal’s overarching business goals by reducing the overall cost and time required to deliver 3 separate projects by 50% in creating a methodology that addressed each brand’s program within the bigger picture context.

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