Kick Ass with Facebook Lead Ads

Lead Ads, the relatively newest member of the Facebook Ads family, aim to make lead generation easier and less costly for marketers.

What Are Facebook Lead Ads?

They’re ads on Facebook that allow targeted prospects to fill in your form and convert without ever leaving Facebook.

Rather than leading prospects to a landing page, their info (or whatever of it is available) is pre-populated in your form so all they have to do is click send or add a few extra pieces of info.

The Four Types of Facebook Lead Ads

  • Basic Lead – A basic Facebook Lead Ad Banner with a lead form.
  • Lead Ads with Context Cards – Like a mini landing page, a context card is an added page before your lead form.
  • Carousel Lead Ad – A Lead Ad accompanied by up to 5 images.
  • Video Lead Ad – A Lead Ad served with a video.

Two Types of Lead Forms

  • More Volume – This is the default choice for Lead Ads and pre-populates their first name, last name and email address as used on Facebook, with no option for custom fields or for users to change the info (it’s pulled automatically from their Facebook account). The standard form makes submitting information much easier for prospects on mobile. This may result in a larger amount of leads due to less friction, however, depending on your targeting, it is possible that lead quality will be lower.
  • Higher Intent – This is a more customized form to acquire more qualified leads as prospects are given the opportunity to confirm their info before submitting, and you can add unique fields. Drop-off will be higher than the “more volume” option, but you will be filtering out lower intent leads. NOTE: Higher intent lead forms can ONLY currently be delivered to feeds on mobile and not on Instagram or Desktop.

How To Set Up Lead Ads

Our friends at connectio created this handy infographic on how to set up a Lead Ad, below are the basics but we recommend the whole post for the full skinny.

connectio infographic

A few things to note…

Although Lead Ads are pretty sweet, they do have their current limitations:

  • There is no checkbox option – If you have database points requiring multiselect options, you can’t replicate those here. Only single select, so you may need to break out multiple questions or forgo those fields for now if you want to try Lead Ads on Facebook.
  • You can’t re/organize your form – At the moment, there is no option to control the order fields appear in your form or reorder them, they’re randomly populated. If you’re like me and HATE THIS, send Zuckerberg a little wink wink, nudge nudge like I did and hopefully they’ll listen 😉

Collecting & Managing Leads

If you don’t have a CRM, you can collect all your leads in Business Manager itself and download them as a CSV.

However, you can also collect and manage all your leads in the comfort of your own CRM. All you have to do is connect it to Facebook via the “Leads Setup” tab in “Publishing Tools” on your Facebook page.

Setting up CRM

For a complete list of Facebook supported CRM integrations, check them out here.

Let’s Look At Some Examples…

Increasing Lead Quality – The Skimm

the Skimm lead ad

Daily news provider, the Skimm uses context cards to emphasize the benefit of their service: “the Skimm makes it easier to be smarter.” Unlike standard Lead Ads, you can customize the CTA on the context card, which is useful.

Leads are automatically added to their newsletter subscription list without having to leave their Facebook feed. According to Facebook, the Skimm saw a 22% increase in lead quality thanks to context cards.

Lead Ad vs. Landing Page – AdEspresso

Tim Chard from AdEspresso, the Facebook advertising tool from Hootsuite, wanted to see what generated higher conversion rates and a better CPC – a Facebook Ad that leads to a landing page, or a Lead Ad.

AdEspresso Ad

The $2,000 15-day experiment led Tim to the conclusion that both ads had similarly low CPC’s: 0.93$ for landing page and 0.95$ for Lead Ad. Although the landing page technically won, the Lead Ad performed better on mobile.

“When re-targeting website visitors, Lead Ads are more likely to win on mobile, while Landing Pages are more likely to win on Desktop.”

Tim Chard

Clear Messaging – LeadSquared

Marketing Automation and CRM software provider leadsquared tried their hands at Lead Ads and although their CTR (1.26%) and CPC (0.27$) were great, the quality of their leads was low and caused problems internally with their sales and marketing team.

leadsquared logo

According to leadsquared, “this was probably because of message mismatch […] the lack of a landing page and a clear message resulted in an overflow of junk leads…”

So word to the wise: if you aren’t sending leads to a landing page and are using Lead Ads instead, be sure they are 100% picking up what you’re putting down or you may have quality issues.

Well, there you have it!

If you haven’t tried out Facebook Lead Ads yet and if your business depends on leads, it’s well worth experimenting with as long as you’re aware of the pros/cons.

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