Inbound & Content Marketing Strategy

Stop thinking about flat websites and get your content out of the domain.”

Robert Simon, Director of Interactive Marketing, Four Seasons Hotels
Content may be king, but if a blog post is written and nobody reads it, does it make an impression? An inbound & content marketing strategy attracts readers to your content, gets your message out, and develops your relationship with your growing community.

We can help you attract visitors to your content and convert them into leads and customers. We believe in building websites that gather rich data and provide dynamic, powerful tools to craft effective content and run great campaigns.

Services Include:

  • Inbound & content strategy
    We help you develop your vision and outline your needs to build a roadmap that’ll fulfill your inbound objectives.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing automation
    Whether you currently have CRM and/or marketing automation tools in place and need to integrate them with other channels (e.g. your website or Email Marketing System) or you need our help to pick the right solutions for you, we can help set up and optimize your tools to ensure they will serve your strategic vision.
  • Leads tracking, list building and segmentation
    We make your site work for you by capturing key information about your visitors and how/when they convert. See our email marketing services for more on how we can build on your relationships with customers at different point in their lifecycle.
  • Landing pages
    Developing custom landing page templates for your website, or working with your landing page builder, we can help you run effective campaigns and optimize your conversion rates. Consult our full landing pages offering for more information.
  • Behavioural calls-to-action (CTAs)
    We can create a site that adapts to your visitors’ needs by adjusting calls-to-action to change depending on segment or referral source and help them convert.
  • Quizzes, diagnostic and lead-generation tools
    Developing diagnostic tools and multi-step lead-generation experiences we can arm your sales and marketing teams with the information they need to identify key personae and position your offering accordingly.
  • Content creation
    We provide full content creation services to support all your inbound efforts.
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